Contracts & Agreements

Often, in business you will make agreements with other businesses and even people within your company.  We can help you draft all the necessary contracts to help your transaction go a smoothly as possible.

Investor Agreements

Once you have found an investor for you endevor, we can help you draft an agreement that will spell out the terms of the investment and the repayment of investment funds.


If you are investing or looking for an investor, you will have to be sure that whatever you agree on is put into a contract and made offical.

Partnership Agreements

Many people simply are unbale or inwilling to go into business alone. Sometimes it just makes perfect sense to team up with others who can offer ideas, assistance, capital, and expertise to your business.


If you decide to take on partners, regardless of whether it's at the formation of your business or after it has already taken flight, you will need a contract to make sure everyone has the same understanding of what to expect out of the partnership.  We can help you draft a simple, comprehensive, fair agreement.

Letters of Intent to Purchase a Business

If you are buying an operating business, you will need a letter of intent that gives both parties time to inspect legal and financial documents related to the transaction.  We will write you a letter of intent that includes the necessary elements to help your transaction go smoothly.

Purchase of Business Contract

When purchasing or selling a business, you must be sure that you have a proper and thorough agreement in effect.  We will make sure that your interests are well-represented with our Purchase of Business Agreements.

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