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We are Consultants who understand what it takes to grow your business from a dream to a reality. Read more...

Concept Planning

Financial Planning



We can help with all of your other business documents.  We make sure they are accurate and professional. Read more...

Request for Proposal

Business Proposal

Business Plan

Letter of Intent

There will often come times when you need us to help your business maintain a healthy state of operation, or to expand. This may include Staffing and Virtual Assistance. Read More

Permanent Staffing

Temporary Staffing

Virtual Assistance

We help you decide which type of business entity best suits your purpose and give you the easiest and quickest way to obtain it. Read more...



Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Partnership

We can help your company stay up-to-date with technology by designing your website, mobile app, or social media campaign. Read more...

Website Design

Mobile App Development

Social Media Campaign

Your ideas are yours.  Protect them.  We can help you with Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents.  Read more...




Every business of every type needs to be licensed.  We can help you acquire a general business license or a specialized license such as liquor licenses. Read more...

General Business License

Retail License

Liquor License

Businesses often have to form agreements and contracts with employees, vendors, or between partners.  We can help with this process. Read more...

Partnership Agreement

Sale of Business Contract

Investor Agreement